Make the NEA Abortion-Neutral

 Pro-Life Educators And Students
Come pray & picket at the NEA Convention in New Orleans, LA
Also picket NEA HQ in Washington, DC & State HQs across USA July 2, 2010


Neutralize the NEA regarding ABORTION

Repeal NEA's Family Planning Resolution

Repeal other NEA policy statements on topics such as Roe v Wade

Pro-Life NEA Members

Picket the NEA Convention & State HQ offices July 2

Run for union office at all levels - local, county, state, and national -

       including Delegate to the annual NEA Convention

Organize with other school employees of like mind

Join PLEAS & other local/national prolife groups

Pro-Life Students

Picket the NEA Convention & State HQ offices July 2

Wear pro-life t-shirts & pins to school

Support your prolife teachers and staff

Participate in pro-life activities such as Life Chains, 40 Days for Life,

    picketing, conferences, etc

Join PLEAS & other local/national prolife student groups

Pro-Life Groups & Activists

Help picket NEA Convention & State HQ offices July 2

MOBILIZE prolife picketers

Spread the word via your e-mail lists; recruit picketers

NJEA StepsOn July 2, 2009, Pro-Life teachers, parents, students and others staged
simultaneous demonstrations at various NEA state-affiliate
offices in conjunction with the main demonstration at the
NEA's Convention in San Diego.

The photos below were sent in from
Trenton, New Jersey, Columbus, Ohio,
and Denver, Colorado.

PO Box 2826
Hamilton, NJ 08690
Phone: 609-610-3522

Bob Pawson & supporters at Pro-Life Press Conference 2008 NEA Convention in Washington, DC.

PressCof Photo

CLICK PHOTO to see 80 photo gallery of event.